When Surf Met Turf

A wedding mix from Laura Plansker to any and all celebrating the upcoming week and marriage of her brother Jeffery and Kaya Haig.

Mahalo :)

Pocketradio.org Show #84 > Bells At 12 ! New Years 2011

A show that almost didn't happen. 11pm at Amoeba Hollywood and beginning to feel it was getting too late for radio. Suddenly ADT calls with a break in alert at the station. Off to radio we go. Police appear and sweep the joint. All clear, wind blew open door. Standing with LP's in hand ------ let's spin. Viola. New Years eve Radio. Don't be alarmed :)

PocketRadio.Org Show #83 _ TWIST, SANTA, TWIST!

ANOTHER awesome Christmas mix by Mike Theobald to you! Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!!!


Pocketradio.org Show #82 > Low Blood Sugar > Stabilize Your Inner Child Mix.

Long overdue. A busy summer has prevented radio for a while. Back to school, back to basics...... as the ad for Mervyn's says. Good old grooves. Enjoy.

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