Rubber Souled

Funk, Soul, Jazz, Ska and Dub interpretations of the Beatles catalogue.
DJ Andrew Blustain


Electricity fuels the deep quivering vibration of pure amped power.

Licorice phenol and barbed wire playtex accelerate the humming of wordless melodies like ba-da-dum-dum-dum.

Hard, sun-dried nylon taps throbbing echoes with a taffy beat. Road weary digits hitchhike mile after mile on the thumb drive ride home.

Underneath a thin shell of darkness is that feeling, a sense of renewal, a kind of explosion of pure flavor.

Feel it, smell it, and taste it.

Kevin Maloney - Detroit

Jazz Advance - Talking Chair

A handful of walk through the leaves with overcoat and suede brogues to keep the breeze from the ears.


Stories, anecdotes and remedies from across the USA
Mixed by David Tennant

Following on from my tribute to the travelling folk of the UK (Show #67),

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