No Synthesizers: Early ‘80s Garage Punk

In the early 1980s, ‘60s-flavored garage punk briefly flowered in Southern California, Sweden, Australia, and whatever London street the Barracudas lived on. It was considered beneath the notice of major record labels and about 99.999999% of the human race. But like a lot of dumb music made by smart people, there was more to it than initially met the ear. It offered a refreshing alternative to the synthetic drums, hair metal and neo-fascism popular at the time.

A Well Heeled Pop

A show to start the summer with... sun-kissed harmonies, jangly guitars and more hooks than a tackle box - AB

The 30 Year Itch > Early 80's Minneapolis > Gary Smith

This is a snapshot of Minneapolis in the early 80's when I was coming of age. Kind of all over the place but that was the time. I wanted to play more from Barefoot and Pregnant but the 30 year old cassette froze up and forced some quick reworking. Dedicated to the fallen soldiers Karl Mueller, Bob Stinson, Bruce Allen, Shawn Pike and Buck Hazlett and whoever else I'm forgetting. They were great times. - GS

Jazz Advance > Backseat Driver

Fold down your picnic table and let us drive home the point. Jazz Advance in the straightest manner.

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