Melons Galore!

Detroit Painter/Filmmaker/Educator Joseph Bernard mixes up
a first time show for PocketRadio. Pulling from his vast collection
of vinyl and CDs, this show is a wonderful move from 
one idea to another, of layering, density and cutting that recalls many of
his films.

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Melons Galore!

Melons Galore! Joseph Bernard PocketRadio Mix

1.     Thunder Reels / Celtic Thunder
2.     Sho Nuff Now w/Rahsaan Roland Kirk     
3.     Clandestino / Manu Chao
4.     When I Go Away / Levon Helm
5.     Peanut Man / Tim Buckley
6.     Hey Hey / K Chico
7.     Frank’s Wild Years / Tom Waits
8.     Berlin Sunrise Blues Mix / Amir Arab
9.     Deleuze’s Will / Nicholas Jaar
10.   Music Unlimited 05 / Benjamin Ma
11.   Destiny / Benjamin Ma
12.   Nardis / Patricia Barber

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