Mo Shiorghra

Mo Shíorghrá

A musical reflection for my soulmate and dearest friend, whose empathy and passion for all things good in life, taught me the treasure of true love. You are a beautiful, kind and graceful spirit Robin. May love, joy and wonderful creations walk with you always. xox

Melons Galore!

Detroit Painter/Filmmaker/Educator Joseph Bernard mixes up
a first time show for PocketRadio. Pulling from his vast collection
of vinyl and CDs, this show is a wonderful move from 
one idea to another, of layering, density and cutting that recalls many of
his films.

For a closer look at Joe's artwork check out >


[The symbolic life is a prerequisite for mental health]

‘When a man comes across something that intrigues him, even though to others it may seem dull and inert, a mere stone, he should suspect that this stone contains for him a spirit.’ – Esther Harding, Psychic Energy, 1963

John Bertram

Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?

A summer closer that recalls musical releases 20 years earlier. A time when down-tempo, lounge and rare groove were emerging to a weary listeners delight. Carry it with you for another 20 and into old age.

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